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Have You Ever Felt Frustrated By Digital Painting?

We Feel Like We Already Know You Pretty Well!

We’ve helped thousands of people like yourself learn digital painting this year, so…

Now that we think about it, we’re pretty sure that every single student we’ve helped has had thoughts like these at some point or another...

You’re a born creator. 

You love to dream up exciting ideas for paintings, but you can rarely paint them quite as good as you imagine them in your head…

You get bursts of inspiration, where all you want to do is paint! But then you often hit a creative block or lose motivation and don't want to touch your tablet at all..

You love browsing beautiful digital paintings, and know you want to get to that same level one day... But there's so much to take in! Where do you begin? What should you work on next? It often feels a little overwhelming

Perhaps you even dream about making a living from your art one day.. But how do you get to that point? What steps do you need to take?

What you do need to have is a passion for digital painting and for putting in the work, my friend, and that is what you already have!

I’m David Belliveau, the Founder of Paintable, and I want to show you exactly how to use the time and experience you already have to overcome to hurdles of digital painting, and learn in a quick and frustration-free way.

Just Imagine...

Sitting down and easily painting the ideas and concepts in your head, exactly the way you imagine them

Developing your very own unique and recognisable style, and feeling 100% proud of everything you paint

Posting your work online and getting messages from hundreds or even thousands of people around the world, letting you know that you’ve inspired them

Making a living doing what you love… working as a concept artist, character designer, animator or illustrator

Just enjoying yourself and having FUN while painting, rather than constantly feeling stuck or frustrated

These are the kinds of results you too will experience when you begin to master digital painting.

Introducing the Digital Painting Academy

Finally... your all-in-one guide to learning digital painting!

The Academy is your fast-track to Mastery..

Join the first affordable digital painting school to combine all the essentials:

  • Master new techniques in our growing library of premium tutorials,
    following our step-by-step guides so you never feel overwhelmed

  • Train and refine your digital painting skills with our hands-on exercises,
    so you can put everything you learn to practice right away

  • Grow your confidence with the power of our supportive community,
    building the motivation and momentum you need to stay on track

  • Get personal mentoring from our monthly interactive live-training,
    and learn directly from someone who's been in your position before

  • Perfect your toolset with our exclusive premium resources,
    and get an edge with quality tools, brushes, cheat-sheets and more!

This is the complete source that provided me the knowledge, insight, and resources, as well as an amazing community to learn and grow from as a fellow artist! I forgot to mention that I have no experience with painting or traditional art. I came into this with no experience whatsoever and honestly would recommend it to all artists alike and those looking to start! I was able to follow along with the course content without struggling.

Everything is taught through a series of recorded HD lessons so you can pace yourself and proceed whenever you are comfortable. I can re-watch lessons and complete exercises whenever I have time and request feedback from the instructor and my peers. Exercises are provided so you can actually apply what you have learned. As you progress throughout the Foundations course, exercises start to build upon existing concepts from previous lessons. The Academy has an amazing community lead by an amazing instructor, making my learning experience a joy!

- Jimmy Leak

Click Here to watch a preview of our exercises.

Learn by Doing:

14+ Exciting Exercises

Digital painting should be fun!

And while learning theory is important, it will only get you so far... eventually you need to put what you learn to practice.

Every lesson in the Academy is centered around a series of exciting, hands-on exercises to compliment our HD video tutorials.

So while you're learning, you can follow our interactive training and start seeing PROGRESS straight away!

Every Essential Lesson

In One Place

Finding time to practice can be a struggle..

So stop wasting it trying to scrape together low quality speedpaintings from across the web!

In the Academy, you have a complete collection of premium tutorials and lessons available at your fingertips, 24/7.

So when you do have time to practice, just select a module and start learning right away!


Guides & Walkthroughs

No more stumbling around in the dark!

There's a lot to take in when learning digital painting, and without structure it can quickly become overwhelming.

We've broken down this complex proccess into a series of easy-to-follow lessons. Just start at the top and we'll guide you through everything you need to know.


I'm a French 3d graphic artist and I enrolled after taking part in Paintable's One Week Portrait course. I wanted to improve myself on digital painting and portrait understanding, and this experience was amazing! I saw a huge difference between my One Week Portrait result and my Academy portrait result. I learned more than I expected about sketches, values, lighting, blending, color harmony and even texturing and stylization!

In summary, I learned more in two months of Assignments than in three years in my art school!

And to finish, i found the most important things as a student : the team spirit with all the students of the group, and the motivation given by the teachers. I strongly recommend this to anybody who wants to learn a lot about digital painting !

- Seb Molard, 3D Artist

Take a Look Inside the

Digital Painting Academy

In-Depth Lessons on a Wide Range of Subjects:

How to paint beautiful, vibrant colours, and a 'formulas' for picking the best colors in every situation

How to fix muddy colors and blurry rendering, including EXACT step-by-step walkthroughs for adding details

Learning how to set up your tablet for maximum control and precision (especially if you struggle with straight lines)

How to develop a kick-ass style of your own, and several techniques you can use to add character to your paintings

How to overcome bad proportions, and make sure your painting is never ruined by mistakes in measurement again

Join our community of friendly, motivated artists like yourself and get help without feeling intimidated.

Tap into the groups experience and get feedback, advice, and critiques on your work from other artists. Or when you're not painting, hang out and discuss other related topics, such as career advice or personal artistic development.

When you join the Academy you'll get access to all of the following:

Because There's More to Mastery

Than Exercises & Tutorials:

+  Monthly Live Training

Browse our ever-growing library of high-quality resources, including brushes, tool presets, cheat-sheets and worksheets, process videos, and more!

Take advantage of great deals and savings on essential digital painting tools and plug-ins.

+  Premium Resources

Learn hot topics, ask questions and get direct feedback from a seasoned digital painter during our monthly live workshops. Afterwards, ask any digital painting questions you might have in our group Q&A sessions.

It's like having a personal mentor, right by your side.

+  Supportive Community

And to top it off, by joining the Academy, you’ll get priority access to our instructors and support team, who can answer any questions you may have.

One thing’s for sure: you’ll never feel like you’re stuck, struggling, or left trying to figure it all out on your own.

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111 HD Videos, across 25 Modules

28 Downloadable Exercises

10 Premium Tools & Resources

Monthly Live Workshops and Q&A

Priority Support and Critiques

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111 HD Videos, across 25 Modules

28 Downloadable Exercises

10 Premium Tools & Resources

Monthly Live Workshops and Q&A

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Risk-free 30 day money back guarantee!

New tutorials added every month!

Curious What Others Are Saying

About the Academy?

Ken Madsen


Jennifer DeWeese

Graphic Designer

I have always wanted to learn digital painting but I was only getting so far with watching YouTube videos and trawling Pinterest. I was also struggling with consistency and style in my digital paintings; while I was able to churn out a few good paintings, they all looked like they were made by different artists.

I got more out of this than I did for a full-semester class at university and didn't have to take out a loan to do it. The videos are amazing and in-depth, and the structure of the class is perfectly paced to take you through the process of painting a portrait without overwhelming you.



At first I was reserved about enrolling, I thought to my self, what can these guys teach me, that they hadn’t already taught me in their free course?! I still decided to try it, since I knew I had to work on my values and colours.

The exercises are well thought out and I now use them to keep my skills honed. A very underrated addition is the community, getting critique from fellow students is refreshing.

In the end my biggest takeaways from was definitely that my understanding of colour and value has improved drastically, and that I now know how to improve them even further. That in it self was worth the time invested.

As a complete beginner, my biggest struggle was trying to adjust to the digital medium. This meant my blending would be muddy, and I didn't know how to move from black and white to colour.

I definitely feel far more comfortable with digital painting now. I don't struggle with smooth blending and I've learnt lots of easy tips and tricks that make it easy to fix mistakes or to really push the drawing to the next level. Basically, I've learnt how to use technology efficiently to create beautiful paintings.

The Digital Painting Academy

Is Perfect For You If:

You’re new to digital painting and want to learn it RIGHT (not waste years and tons of frustration on trial and error)

You’ve done some digital painting but you want to up your game, learn new skills and benefit from the community support & accountability

You're a traditional artist hoping to make the switch to digital painting, but you can't quite get your head around it all, or often feel overwhelmed

You're busy and don't have much time to practice, so when you do have time you want to make sure you’re learning as much as possible

Perhaps you eventually want to get into a career that involves digital painting (ie. concept art, character design, illustration, etc), and you want to build a really strong foundation

Ready to Master the

Art of Digital Painting?

Let us help you build the structure, lesson plans and motivation you need, so you can focus on what really matters... painting and having fun!

111 HD Videos, across 25 Modules

28 Downloadable Exercises

10 Premium Tools & Resources

Monthly Live Workshops and Q&A

Priority Support and Feedback

Get Instant Access To the Academy

in USD, billed monthly

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No commitments - cancel any time in 2 clicks

Risk-free 30 day money back guarantee!

Monthly Member

Only $25 / month

No commitments - cancel any time in 2 clicks

Risk-free 30 day money back guarantee!


Annual Member

Only $17 / month

$197 USD billed once a year - save 33%

111 HD Videos, across 25 Modules

28 Downloadable Exercises

10 Premium Tools & Resources

Monthly Live Workshops and Q&A

30 Day No-Questions-Asked 

Money-Back Guarantee

We want this to be completely risk-free for you!

When you join the Digital Painting Academy, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. We're confident that you'll see tremendous growth as an artist - and if you disagree just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.